ECI PICTURES is a Beijing based international sales firm dedicated to selling Chinese movies in Europe.

There are 50 million Chinese living abroad and millions Westerners looking forward to watch Chinese movies of international quality standards.

To help promote the best Chinese movies in Europe, ECI PICTURES markets its catalog of highly-selected Chinese films one by one to the European buyers and at international film markets.


ECI PICTURES is founded by Beijing Based Vincent Fischer, who has done extensive work bridging Chinese and European decision makers for the past 5 years. Vincent has acquired a rare high level network and deep understanding of the China-Europe film business.

Vincent's knowledge of the Chinese films and European movie markets anables ECI PICTURES to aggregate the best Chinese films' catalog towards to smartest European buyers.


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53 Maizidian Street, Chaoyang, Beijing 100125

ECI PICTURES is a www.eci.net company