ECI PICTURES is a Beijing based international sales firm dedicated to selling Chinese films worldwide.

Most of the best Chinese movies aren't accessible outside of China, being in the movie theatres, TV & cable networks or web platforms. The fast development, quality improvement and internationalisation of the Chinese producers and films are making Chinese movies more and more attractive to international audiences.

There are 50 million Chinese living abroad and millions Westerners ready to watch good Chinese movies.

To help making most of the best Chinese movies screenable worldwide, ECI PICTURES promote its catalog of great Chinese films at NATPE in Miami (January), European Film Market in Berlin (February), HK Filmart (March), MIPTV in Cannes (April), Beijing Film Market (April), Cannes Film Market (May), Shanghai Film Market (June), Venice Film Festival (August), Toronto Film Market (September), Cannes MIPCOM (October) and Los Angeles American Film Market (November).


ECI PICTURES is founded by Beijing Based Vincent Fischer, who has done extensive work bridging Chinese and Western film decision makers for the past 4 years. Vincent has acquired a rare high level network and deep understanding of the China-West film business, including by initiating the CHINA EUROPE FILM FUND, partnering the PLAYMOBIL series, movie and toys with a leading Chinese studio, working with YMAGIS (Europe's largest delivery platform of movies to theaters) in China towards China Film Group, consulting for HUACE GROUP and DMG ENTERTAINMENT on their films acquisitions, and representing in Europe amazing Chinese actors such as XIA YU and TIGER CHEN. Vincent has also initiated the SANYA TALENT AWARD, promoting Chinese talents outside of China and international talents in China, which will be held on November 29th in China's most beautiful and glamorous island.

Vincent's knowledge of the Chinese films and international movie markets anables ECI PICTURES to aggregate the best Chinese films' catalog towards to smartest buyers internationally.


Vincent Fischer
Mobile : + 86 156 5252 3281
[email protected]

Michelle Yan
Sales & acquisitions
Mobile : + 86 138 8185 2060
[email protected]

53 Maizidian Street, Chaoyang, Beijing 100125